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Adventures for All Ages

Quarry Park Adventures has something for everyone. There’s a huge play zone just for the junior explorers that can entertain over 150 little ones at one time. In addition, there’s private and public picnics areas, and a banquet area for private events. The Quarry Tap Tavern, and a unique air-conditioned dining experience, not to mention Auntie Anne’s Creamery.

Quarry Park Adventures is truly a special place. Come zip, soar, climb and explore in a safe, wholesome atmosphere you will want to visit time and again.

 Zip Lines

Zip 700 feet at over 30 miles per hour. Go solo or race a friend across the quarry. Fly through the air on our zip line system. Race your friends past massive quarry walls on our side-by-side zipline that spans the length of the quarry.


Aerial adventure challenge

Have fun on our aerial adventure course! The adventure course will be designed to include three levels of play. Whether you want to challenge yourself to new heights or just have some fun, the aerial adventure course will generate hours of entertainment. The sheer size of the course means the course will have many elements of each level of difficulty.

Via Ferrata

Traverse around the park on our Via Ferrata! The Via Ferrata will be the best place to view the beauty of the quarry. Iteract with the granite as you traverse our the outside of the quarry, starting on the West wall of the quarry and wrap around to the exit just before the waterfall.

Giant Swing

Located on the rim of the quarry the Giant Swing will excite and thrill as you swing through a 60’ arc out over the quarry floor. At the peak of the swing you will be roughly 100 feet up from the ground floor of the quarry.


Climbing Stations

Test your strength and skills on one of our many climbing routes. The routes range from being easy enough for beginners to challenging even the most advanced climbers. The natural granite rock of the quarry will give you the look and feel of climbing Half Dome while still having the safety and comfort of our park.

Kids Challenge Area

Children will be able to experiment on our challenge area designed specifically for them! The design of the children’s challenge area will include two levels of play, one directed towards 4-6 year old children, and the other directed towards 5-10 year old children. The area will also include boulder zone which will have granite boulders for children to climb on.

Free Fall:

Enjoy a true free fall sensation for a stomach-catching thrill that is followed by a soft catch and soft landing. The Free Fall activity is a unique and memorable experience for participants who want an adventure.

Paddle Boats:

Come enjoy a relaxing time in our paddle boats. Our fleet of paddle boats is one of the most fun family activities available in Rocklin, CA. The paddle boats are perfect for anyone wanting to enjoy the outdoors, exercise, or even just people watch.