Dress and Grooming Standards

Dress and Grooming Standards 2018-03-13T17:44:15+00:00

A wholesome, professional appearance is critical to the success of Quarry Park Adventures.   Please read and understand all employees must abide by these strictly enforced grooming standards.


All employees are required to wear shirts or vests provided by Quarry Park Adventures. Some positions will receive headwear for sun protection.  Non-food service employees may wear black pants/knee-length shorts; socks and tennis shoes.  Food service employees are required to wear blue jeans, white shirt, non-slip footwear and aprons provided by Quarry Park Adventures.



Must be worn and visible at all times and will be provided by Quarry Park Adventures.  Replacement name tags are $5.


Gentlemen may wear beards, goatees and mustaches that are neatly trimmed and no more than 1/2 inch long. Facial hair must be well kept and fully-grown with no patches. Goatees and beards must be kept trimmed above the neckline (above the Adam’s apple). Sideburns may not pass earlobes. Artwork shaven in facial hair is unacceptable. Cuts such as thin lines along the cheekbones and around the chin are not allowed.  Ambassadors will be asked to remove any cut that can be deemed as a distraction to guests and co-workers. All facial hair must follow local and county health guidelines when related to food and beverage positions.


Neat, natural haircuts are essential. Men’s hair should be above the collar and not below the ears. Sideburns below the ears, ponytails, dreadlocks, extreme teasing, dyeing, bleaching, tinting or artwork are not permissible.


One ring permitted on each hand, with the exception of wedding sets. A single pair of post earrings is acceptable only for females as long as the earring is no larger than the size of a dime. Dangle earrings are not allowed. Other than post earrings for females, piercings are not permitted. Male ambassadors may not wear earrings.


Sunglasses are permitted for those working outdoors but must be removed when conversing with a guest!  For sanitation reasons, food service ambassadors may not wear sunglasses.


Women may wear makeup to enhance natural features and create a fresh appearance. Extremes in lipstick, blush or eye makeup color and application are not permitted.


Clean and presentable nails are a must. If nail polish is used, extreme colors and application will not be permitted. Ambassadors in food service are not permitted to wear nail polish for safety reasons.


Ambassadors may not expose tattoos. A make-up cover up or bandage will be required to cover any tattoo not completely covered by your uniform.


Ambassadors in uniform are not allowed to use cell phones at the park or while entering the park from the parking lot.