Ticket Holders Anxious to Get into Rocklin’s Quarry Park Adventures

ROCKLIN — Quarry Park Adventures was not ready for Memorial Day weekend and it looks like it will not be ready for Labor Day either.

“Yes, we are disappointed about not being available for the holiday weekend,” said David Busch, the president of Quarry Park Adventures.

The adventure park in the heart of Rocklin will feature, among other things, rock climbing and zip lining — when it finally does open its doors to the public.

“Months ago I got like a family four pack. So I guess I’m waiting for those tickets and I’ll be zip lining here and screaming my head off,” said a woman who went by the name Emily.

Emily says she is willing to wait though.

“Safety is number one,” Emily said. “So I’m sure they want to make sure they get it totally dialed in and how to operate it when they get big crowds and how to make sure every single child and adult is safe.”

The park will be the only one of its kind in the United States. Built into a quarry at the heart of Rocklin, it will host 500 to 600 active guests at a single time and that’s never been done before.

Then there’s the setting, the quarry itself. As the story goes, it is where the granite came from to build the State Capitol.

“Once the elements … they really got into installing the adventure elements into that rock hard granite, that has been the holdup,” Busch said. “That has been disappointing, surprising, drills breaking, drill bits breaking.”

But now all that equipment is in place. All that’s left is to give park staff practice at serving their adventuresome customers.

The park plans to hold it’s grand opening on Sep. 15.


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