Big Gun Quarry History

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Quarry District

With 55 quarries operating in the early 1900s, Rocklin’s Quarry District was a vibrant community for those looking for their cut of the granite industry. Stretching along Pacific street from Midas Ave. to Sunset Blvd, today’s Quarry District encompasses most of Downtown Rocklin. See future plans for the Quarry district here: Rocklin Quarry District

Capitol Quarry or Big Gun Quarry

The site of Quarry Park Adventures is Capitol Quarry. First opened in 1864 by J.D. Smith, the quarry supplied the granite that was used in the construction of the California State Capitol building.   The state had started to construct the capital with dark-spotted Folsom granite but changed to the lighter and spot free Rocklin granite because of the cleaner look and because the Central Pacific Railroad offered to ship the Rocklin granite for free. The differences in the two granites are most obvious today in the contrasting blocks in the columns at the capital’s west entrance. From 1907 to 1930 the quarry was operated by Adolph Pernu and the California Granite Company. Finally, it changed hands to the Ruhkala Brothers and Union Granite Company in 1937. It was eventually renamed Big Gun Quarry.  The quarry was operational until 2005 and was the last of Rocklin’s 61 quarries in operation. Roy Ruhkala estimates that one million tons of granite have come out of Capitol Quarry during its operation.

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