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We Specialize in Corporate Picnics and Team Building!

We hear plenty of talk, these days, about the importance of creating a company culture, but is it really worth it to spend capital on an event with no immediate ROI? A recent study by the University of Warwick claims that happy employees are 17% more productive. Corporations, like Google, who readily invest in employee satisfaction, have seen an increase in 37% in employee satisfaction.

Experts point the increase in productivity to two main factors. Increase socialization allows workers to get to each other, allow them to improve communication and become more cohesive and for teams to operate like a well-oiled-machine. Corporate Picnics also allow workers to focus on non-work-related elements and that can have a therapeutic effect; increasing productivity and focus when employees return to work.

“All work and no play” clearly makes Jack a dull boy, and no one wants an office full of dull drones! Company Picnics, team building activities and getting your group out of the office is a great way to increase productivity! So go and have some FUN!

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