Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What Is Quarry Park Adventures?

Situated in and around a 60-foot deep, 160-year-old granite quarry, Quarry Park Adventures is a 5-½ acre family adventure park featuring a variety of interactive activities suitable for all ages.

The primary attractions include a three-level aerial ropes course; numerous zip lines; a giant three-person pendulum swing; free fall drops; horizontal walkways traversing the inner-perimeter of the quarry; a huge belay-free kids zone, a serene lake with with boats; great food, gift shop and a 2,000- square foot deck over-looking the quarry floor 60-feet below.

Where Is Quarry Park Adventures?

Quarry Park Adventures is at 4060 Rocklin Road in Rocklin, CA.  It is in the Quarry District of Rocklin which includes the old downtown area, the 1,500 seat Platinum Living Amphitheater and many new attractions that will be announced soon.  Go to for directions or a large map.

How Much Are Passport Tickets?

An “all-attractions” daily Passport is $39.99 for those and $24.99 for those under 48”. Senior pricing is $34.99 for 60 years and above.  Kids two and under are free and do not require a ticket.

Note: Some attractions may be available at individual rates. Pricing and availability of individual attractions are subject to change.  Updates will be posted on the Quarry Park Adventures website.

When Will the Park Operate?

Quarry Park Adventures is on track for the opening in the summer of 2018.  Please check our Facebook page for the most up to date information.

Quarry Park Adventures will be open on a year-round basis, weather permitting.  Specific operating days and hours fluctuate with the school schedule.  Always check to confirm operating hours on the day you would like to visit.

Spring/Fall/Winter:          Friday evenings, Saturday and Sunday; 10am to 6pm

Summer:                             Daily; 10am to 9pm

Quarry Park Adventures is available for group and corporate “buy-outs” and will open accordingly.

Does Quarry Park Adventures Offer Season Passes?

A 10-visit Season Passport is currently available on an extremely limited basis. Buy Now

Do I Need a Passport if I’m Not Participating on the Attractions?

No, you are welcome to accompany and observe family or friends without the purchase of a Passport ticket.  Guests who participate on attractions are required to purchase a Passport.

Will I Need Special Training or Equipment?

Quarry Park Adventures is about fun in a safe, wholesome environment.  The attractions are entertaining and thrilling.  The park attractions can be easily enjoyed by all-ages and require no special skills.  Because safety comes first, many of the attractions require a brief “ground school” session to review rules and techniques.  Many of the elements require belays and safety helmets, so set-aside enough time on your visit to suit-up and attend ground school.

The Quarry Kids Kove requires no belays or helmets and no ground school.

Is the Staff Certified?

Quarry Park adventures is a ACCT (Association Challenge Course Technologies) certified course.

Safety is Quarry Park Adventures number one priority.  The Ambassadors who staff the elements where a belay is required have received extensive training and certification and must maintain a standard of excellence to maintain their position.   Safety personnel are constantly monitored, evaluated and trained to insure their skills and techniques are finely honed. All of our ambassadors who go through certification are ACCT certified through Bonsai Designs.

Is There First Aid?

Whenever Quarry Park Adventures is in operation a trained and certified EMT is always present.  Additionally, the Rocklin Fire Department Station is located adjacent to the park.

Is There a Parking Charge?

Entrance to the parking lot is located on Pacific Street, west of Quarry Park.  A new, 185-car parking lot serves Quarry Park Adventures and parking is free.  There is valet or VIP parking charge for those who take advantage of this special service. There is no parking fee to use our parking lot. Please be courteous to others while navigating the parking lot.

Can I Bring Food?

Food and drink may not be brought into Quarry Park Adventures but there are picnic areas for the public outside the park premises.  We are unable to reserve picnic areas outside the Quarry Park Adventures premises.  Note that glass, alcohol or any dangerous objects are never allowed at public parks or at Quarry Park Adventures.

How’s Construction Going?

The adventure elements are now completed and construction is almost finished. While the Roundhouse will be completed in the coming months, the park is now ready. We anticipate an early September opening. Be sure to follow the progress by joining the Quarry Club for updates (click button at the top of the page).

When Will Quarry Park Adventures Be Complete?

Opening Announcement coming soon. Anticipating early September 2018.

Can I Buy Tickets before the Park Opens?

Daily admission Passports will be available in the next few weeks.

How about Team Building, Company Outings and Group Discounts?

We are specialists at hosting companies and groups.  Quarry Park Adventures has a turn-key package that’s affordable, easy for you and most of all, LOVED by your team.  Email us for more info at

Do Spectators Need a Passport Ticket?

Passport tickets are only required for those who will be using the attractions and elements. Spectators may not participate on any attraction or element without a ticket.  Adults who accompany their kids into the Quarry Kids Kove may accompany their child.

Do I Need a Reservation?

Reservations are not required but are recommended. Group, birthday and company reservations are accepted now.  Call 916.750.1772 to secure your special day at a substantial discount.  Individuals will be able to make reservations approximately 60 days prior to the opening of Quarry Park Adventures.

How Difficult Are the Adventure Elements?

Quarry Park Adventures is about fun.  The attraction and elements are designed to ensure guests will enjoy their day without being in peak physical condition.  For example, the three-story Rocky Point Aerial Course is designed for low or average skill and physical levels while just 30% is designed for more advanced climbers. The aerial course is designed as a “challenge by choice” attraction so you can pick and choose your difficulty.

Is Special Clothing Required?

Closed toed shoes are required. Tight fitting clothing is recommended.  No loose clothing, please.  Long hair should be put in a ponytail or some style to allow for physical activity. Jewelry should not be left loose.

Are there Age, Height or Weight Restrictions?

For all harnessed attractions like the Big Gun Zips, the Mega-Trekker Swing and Rocky Point Aerial Adventures users must be between 70 pounds and 250 pounds.  Guests under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

What’s the Park’s Inclement Weather Policy?

The Adventure Park is open rain or shine, so we recommend dressing for the weather!  In the event of severe weather (such as thunder, lightning, or high winds) the courses may close temporarily. Although we are unable to offer refunds, in the event of any course or park closures, your time may be extended, or vouchers will be made available for you to use towards future climbs that season!

What About Food and Refreshments?

Have we got some great food for you.  There’s Hop Dog with gourmet hot dogs: Eureka Pizza, serving wood-fired pizza: the Union Granite Creamery providing sweet treats and the Quarry Tap House.  Enjoy The Overlook, a shaded, 2,000 square foot deck cantilevered over the quarry where you’ll enjoy appetizers, craft beers, and wine.  Of course, there’s food and drink throughout the park premises, so bring your appetite.

What Else Is Happening at Quarry Park Adventures?

Quarry Park Adventures is the home for special events year round.  The park will be hosting car shows, band festivals, kids shows, youth concerts, music contests and much more.  Quarry Park Adventures is the perfect venue for birthday parties, field trips, and company picnics parties. If you would like to schedule an event with us please CLICK HERE.


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