Quarry Kids Kove – Fun, Sweat and Cheers

Quarry Kids Kove – Fun, Sweat and Cheers2018-02-09T09:29:35+00:00

We got the kids covered!

Quarry Parks Adventures is for everyone. In addition to over 100 fun adventures in the Big Gun Quarry, there’s Quarry Kids Kove, a huge area reserved for junior explorers and parents.

Challenge by Choice

Turn ‘em loose and let ‘em go as they enjoy the adventures they choose themselves in the Quarry Kids’ Kove. There’s climbing nets, zip lines, balance beams, boulder climbs and more than enough action to keep your little ones entertained for hours.
There’s over 30 challenge elements in the Quarry Kids Kove and it’s large enough to entertain 120 little explorers and their parents at one time. Accompany your child on most elements or you can enjoy their adventures while relaxing on a comfortable shaded bench among the trees.

Quarry Kids’ Kove is a well-supervised, fully enclosed area of the park that does not require belays or helmets. We promise, no more coaxing the kids to put down the video game. The Quarry Kids Kove is real action that is fun, builds character and is great exercise.

Quarry Park Adventures

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