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ADA rules for Quarry Park Adventures

At Quarry Park Adventures, we take pride in making our activities accessible to as many people as possible.

Our activities are designed to be accessible to most people but they do offer a degree of physical and mental challenge. For some persons this may mean that additional equipment, adjustments to our training and/or levels of supervision will be required for safe participation. For some, the residual risks of injury may still be too great despite the implementation of additional measures, preventing their safe use of thecourse.

We do have a few minimum requirements such as age and specific physical pre- requisites to take part under normal circumstances. Visit www.quarrypark.comfor details on restrictions on each activity.

But to make our activities accessible to as many people as possible, and to avoid disappointment, it is very important you get in touch with us before you make a booking or visit to discuss any special needs you or members of your party may have. With sufficient notice, we will do our best to make amendments to our standard operating procedures and staffing levels to be able to accommodate participants with special needs. The more notice we have, the more able we will be to make amendments. For example, our staffing rosters are set in advance, so if we need to get in extra staffing to facilitate your party safely, at least a month’s notice may be necessary.

What do the activities require?

Participants will be required to attend our ground school before participating on our ropes course. Our Adventure Guide will determine if the participants fully understand our rules and regulations as well as if they are mentally and physically fit to participate in the activity. Participants will be required to operate our safe belay system, cross obstacles, use a rope to slow themselves while rappelling, and be able to land safely from a slow decent via a Tru-Blue belay device or a zip line.

Inappropriate or unsafe behavior can create a risk of serious injury or death not only to the participant but also to other participants and/or park users. All participants must understand the responsibility they are assuming when taking part in the activity.


Quarry Park adventures prides itself on including all participants to the best of our abilities. These participants can range with varying disabilities. Deafness, sight loss, amputees, physical disabilities, and mental disabilities can all participate at our park in some way. Not all activities will be viable for all participants to enjoy but Quarry Park adventures can and will make your visit the best it can be.

Contact us

The more time and information given to Quarry Park Adventures the better we can assess the situation and make a plan to accommodate your party. Ideally, groups with disabilities will enjoy our park during slower days so Quarry Park Adventures can provide as much assistance to your party as needed. For more information please contact Quarry Park Adventures at (916) 750-1772 or info@quarrypark.com.