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Looking for a

unique Team-building


Quarry Park Adventures is proud to offer a wide range of Team Building and Leadership Training options to help with leadership development, communication and team bonding. This is a perfect option for officer/board retreats, sales team alignment, and/or entire employee sessions.

How about trying something different?

• Zip Lines, Rappelling, Wall Walking, King Swing and more!

• Aerial Adventure Racing

• Boat Racing

• Leadership Facilitators

Our Team Building Experiences help with:

• Team Trust concerns

• Learning to Work Together

• Improving Communication

• Break Down “Silos”

• Improving Leadership Skills

• Managing Conflict

• Increasing Collaboration

• Creating Memories

If your team building day involves a meeting, we can host your meeting, feed you, and also facilitate your Quarry Park Adventure. Our onsite meeting coordinator will help you plan the day and then make sure things move smoothly.
We offer customized corporate packages for a hand on experience that your team will not forget. Come Zip, Soar, Climb and Explore at Northern California’s newest and most exciting Adventure Park while building cohesion and trust in your team members.

The Sky’s the Limit for your Team

Quarry Park Adventures was specifically designed and constructed for teams and companies. We know that in large part, success in the workplace is a result of teamwork, leadership and perseverance. We all want to be successful at work but due to shortened learning cycles and attention spans, and the lack of unique training venues, workplace success for your employees may be lacking.

Experiential Learning

Classroom learning isn’t enough these days. Hands-on, experiential learning is what employees need to develop effective leadership and teamwork skills in today’s turbulent marketplace. Doing, not just hearing and seeing, is the key to workplace success.

How Can Quarry Park Adventures Can Help My Team?

Here are some learning goals that can be addressed in the context of Quarry Park Adventures

• Building and Restoring Trust – Improving Communications

• Building Team/Individual – Confidence Developing Camaraderie

• Enhancing Teamwork – Leading Change

• Thinking Strategically – Strengthening Relationships

• Improving Coaching – Growing Employee Engagement

• Enhance Creativity/Innovation – Improve Recruitment & Retention

• Building on Strengths – Collaboration & Problem Solving

• Developing Leadership – Setting Goals

Challenge by Choice

No matter your age, size or physical condition, the activities and adventures for your team are designed so that everyone experiences an uplifting and enjoyable day. We have many programs you can plug into right away or we can customize a program that addresses specific goals you’d like to achieve.

Our QPA Assessment Survey, completed early in the planning stage, will help us design exactly the right program for your team and you.

Here’s an Example of a Teambuilding Workshop

Goal: Introduce participants to The Six Qualities of a Great Team

Training: Great goals; great roles; great leadership; great systems; great communication; great relationships

Time: Three hours (one-hour classroom, two-hours in the adventure park)

Debriefing: After each activity in the adventure park, teammates reflect and then relate the relevancy of the lessons learned when transferred to the workplace.

Team Meal: Snacks, box lunch or buffet

Photos: A team photo and impromptu pictures of training activities will be provided

Follow Up: In addition to the photos, you will receive a recap of the key learnings in your workshop which can be re-produced for your team members.

What’s It Going to Cost?

Team building and team bonding packages, including a reserved classroom, start at $39.99 per person and are priced and tailor-made to your specific needs.