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Passport Tickets:

* Regular: $44.99 ($39.99 if purchased online)

* Senior: $34.99 (60 years or more)

* Junior Explorer $14.99 (includes Quarry Kidz Zone, Pioneer Paddle Boats (with

one chaperone) and Miners’ Maze)


Weight/Height Requirements

Big Gun Giant Zips, The Cliffhanger, Over the Edge, Pinnacle Pete’s Adventure Course

* Riders for these adventure attractions must be 48” to 6’ 6” and 50lbs to 250lb. Riders weighing 50lbs-64lbs must wear a weight vest.

Time to Suit—Up

Those participating on the adventure elements should proceed into the quarry to put on the equipment necessary to safely maneuver on the adventure attractions. After suiting-up, you are ready to go.

For those who would like to do the Pinnacle Pete’s Aerial Course first, you will receive an additional 10-minutes of training at Ground School. If there is a long wait for Ground School, you can come back later to receive training for the Aerial Course.

Quarry Kidz Kove

* Anyone 12 years or older must be accompanied by a child 11 years or under

Pioneer Point Paddle Boats

* At least one person in the paddle must be 16 years or older.


* Our new, permanent restrooms are almost complete. In the meantime, restrooms are located near the Quarry Kidz Kove as well as in Memorial Park, near the play zone.


* There is always an EMT on staff whenever Quarry Park Adventures is in operation. Go to the Passport Ticket Booth near the front entrance if you need assistance.

Lost Parents (and Kids)

* Lost parents and kids, as well as lost and found items, will be at the Passport Ticket Booth near the front entrance.


* There is no admission charge for spectators or chaperones. Responsible adults may accompany their child in the Quarry Kidz Kove and on the Pioneer Port Paddle Boats without charge.