About Quarry Park Adventures

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Welcome to one of the most unusual and enjoyable experiences you’ll ever have, Quarry Park Adventures in Rocklin, California.

Zip. Soar. Climb. Explore.

A new adventure for Northern California families awaits thousands of families as a 160-year-old granite quarry is transformed into an entertainment destination. Here’s just a taste of what is in store for families at Quarry Park Adventures:

Race triple zip lines four hundred feet with speeds over 30 miles per hour; swing and soar 100 feet above the canyon floor on the giant swing; climb and traverse 60-feet high granite walls on the Wall Walk.   Or just relax and enjoy the atmosphere as you have a cold one on the shady, 2,000-square foot Outdoor Deck that overlooks the quarry or dangle your toes in the cool water next to the 60-foot high waterfall.

160 Years in the Making

Quarry Park Adventures in the 160-year-old Quarry District in downtown Rocklin, CA is a one-of-a-kind experience with dozens of adventure activities that can be as fun, or as challenging, as guests choose. Think of Quarry Park Adventures as being similar to a theme park but instead of roller coasters and log rides, guests experience zip lines, giant swings, free-fall jumps, boating and many other ground and aerial adventures in a safe, wholesome environment.
Although there is nothing like Quarry Park Adventures in the western United States, what really makes it a one-of-a-kind, never-to-be-duplicated experience is the site on which the park is located. The family adventure park is built into and around what was one of the largest working granite quarries in California, the Big Gun Quarry. The park utilizes the huge quarry’s sheer walls, the canyon floor, the quarry rim, the 2-acre lake and even the 60-foot-high waterfall.

Adventures for All Ages

And Quarry Park Adventures is not just for grown-ups looking for fun. There’s even a huge play zone just for the little ones that can entertain over 120 junior explorers at one time.
In addition, there are private and public picnics areas, air-conditioned dining at The Pac Street Porch restaurant, amazing ice cream from Union Granite Creamery and other food venues and lots of benches and shady areas to watch the action.

Quarry Park Adventures is a special place for your family and you. Come zip, soar, climb and explore in a safe, wholesome atmosphere you will want to visit time and again.

The City of Rocklin and Quarry Park Adventures

The City of Rocklin’s historic Quarry District is experiencing a transformation. Public and private development are creating a downtown environment that supports vibrant entertainment, commercial activity, and residential options.

Quarry Park Adventures is at the center of this revitalization, offering adventurous, wholesome recreation.   The new developments in the Quarry District serve residents and visitors whose spending supports local businesses which in turn, provide revenues for vital public services.

The adventure park is located in Quarry Park which already boasts the picturesque Platinum Living Amphitheater and is home to numerous community events, all in a beautiful natural setting in downtown Rocklin.

Private landowners are also investing in projects adjacent to Quarry Park and will soon begin to build residential, retail, and restaurant options that will help create a destination for the entire region.

To learn more about the City of Rocklin, visit www.rocklin.ca.us.