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The Rocklin City Council approved a term sheet on Feb. 12 with Adventure Operations, LLC, a subsidiary of Bonsai Design, to take over as the new operator of Quarry Park Adventures. Bonsai Design built the adventure park, is familiar with the City, and has experience building and operating other aerial courses throughout the U.S.

A formal agreement with Adventure Operations will be presented for Council ratification at the March 12 City Council meeting.

The term sheet provides for $300,000 in startup costs and for additional reimbursable funds to be set aside to address unforeseen issues. Bonsai Design and the City will split revenues 50-50. This initial agreement is limited with a three-year term and a 120-day termination clause so that the City can ensure Quarry Park Adventures meets its potential.

All previously purchased tickets and passes sold by the previous park operator will be honored.

The adventure park will reopen with a new operating structure to ensure the park continues to deliver a great experience for residents and the region. Future updates about Quarry Park Adventures can be found at www.rocklin.ca.us and www.quarrypark.com.

Contact the City of Rocklin with additional adventure park questions by email at QPAInfo@rocklin.ca.us or by phone at (916) 625-5243.

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