Adventure Crew Member-Now Hiring

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After reading information below,  please send your resume and a list of three references to


Interviews begin in early March and trainings begin late March. Spring season begins mid-April.

Position Description

Adventure Crew Members provide customer service, instruct and lead participant groups on their experience. All candidates must share our philosophy of excellent customer service, and our focus on excellence and safety. Applicants must have a positive attitude, strong work ethic, and good communication skills.

Summary Of Essential Job Functions

  • Provides excellent customer service to all guests of QPA
  • Ensures all course operations are conducted in accordance with QPA’s safety standards
  • Properly inspects all course components and course gear
  • Fits harnesses and helmets correctly and supervises the use of all personal safety equipment
  • Conducts participant ground school and pre-screening
  • Supervise guests’ trekking participation
  • Facilitates guests’ experience as they progress through the course
  • Ability to perform all rescues as needed
  • Have a understanding of local ecology and history
  • Attends ongoing training throughout the season
  • Preform opening and closing duties
  • Participate in rescue scenarios, training, and actual guest rescues


  • High School diploma or equivalent
  • Must be 18 or older
  • Guiding experience in adventure tours preferred (although initial training is provided)
  • Strong risk management experience preferred
  • Must pass initial training
  • Must pass a monthly skills assessment
  • Current CPR and First Aid certification (on site certification may be available)
  • Ability to communicate and work as an effective team member
  • Ability to speak in front of large groups effectively
  • Ability to work long hours and irregular shifts in a multi task environment
  • Speaks fluent English and uses cordial manners
  • Dependable, responsible, reliable, and able to take directions as needed

Physical Abilities Required

  • Must have ability to perform work at height
  • Must be able to perform all technical rescue associated with the park
  • This position may require walking and standing for long period of times in all weather conditions
  • Must be able to lift 50 lbs.
  • Hike 200 yards uphill without assistance

Job Specifics

Work Schedule

  • Must have a flexible schedule with full availability on the weekends and holidays.
  • Adventure Crew Members (ACMs) are classified as part-time employees.
  • The ACM position is a physically demanding position. Due to the nature of this industry, ACMs may be required to work long hours and irregular shifts in all weather conditions.
  • Working outdoors with the general public requires the ability to adjust quickly to any situation, all while managing risks and providing excellent customer service.
  • QPA makes no guarantee regarding the number of hours an ACM will receive. Work hours in a given week fluctuate based on the number of guests.
  • Scheduling priority is determined by both employee availability and performance.
  • ACMs may be placed on a standby or on-call schedule.
  • The final work schedule for each day will be emailed the previous afternoon.
  • A schedule of guaranteed days off will be made in advance.


  • Initial training is a consecutive eight-day, ten hour a day commitment.
  • Trainees are required to attend the entire training in order to be eligible for employment.
  • Initial training will require trainees to learn to deliver a high-quality educational experience, manage risk, master the use of course equipment, perform timed high-angle rescues, and provide excellent customer service to all guests.
  • Trainees must pass both a written final test with an 80% or above and a practical test with 100% to successfully complete the training.
  • ACMs will be required to attend and document ongoing trainings throughout the season.

Wages and Benefits

  • Wages are earned by the hour.
  • Performance-based raises are possible.

Uniform and Gear

  • QPA will provide ACMs with personal protective equipment (harness, helmets, radios, etc.).
  • Staff uniforms, including outerwear and leather gloves, will be provided by QPA. Additional uniforms and protective equipment will be available at the employee’s expense.
  • All ACMs are required to maintain excellent hygiene and maintain a professional appearance.